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Key ingredients

Improves skin moisture, boosts immunity and assists in minimizing activity of precancerous lesions. Improves epidermal barrier performance. Minimizes redness and blotchiness. Helps to even out appearance of hyperpigmentation.
A combination of plant oils which have been shown to reduce the inflammatory processes and replenish the damaged skin barrier.
Skin soothing agent, conditions and smooths the appearance of the skin.
Antioxidant and healing properties Boosts collagen, mildly exfoliates, and whitens
A component of skin tissue that holds in skin moisture and elasticity. Water binding properties.

How to use


For Dry/Sensitive or Normal Aging Skin, apply to clean face and neck for calming and intensive hydration.


For Oily Skin, apply to a clean face and neck as desired and tolerated, avoid oily areas.


Use around eyes and lips as tolerated.