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Key ingredients

Total reflective sunblock, chemical barriers.
Natural skin healing medicine. Anti-irritant and soothing properties.
An emollient (prevent moisture loss, soothing), and humectant aids in keeping moisture in the skin.
Physical barrier protection
A form of Vitamin E, considered a good antioxidant. Stable and reliable in skin care products.

How to use


Apply generously 15-30 minutes prior to sun exposure.


Reapply as needed or after swimming, towel drying, perspiring heavily, or washing.


For Element Exposed /Normal Aging or Sensitive / Dry Skin, apply last after appropriate moisturizer or for Acne / Oily Skin apply after as final step of skin care regimen without moisturizer for a matte, non-oily finish.


Reapply as needed after prolonged swimming, perspiring heavily, washing or toweling.